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Making the Best of a Long-Distance Tow
Five boaters who borrowed a 41-foot sportfisherman from a Freedom Boat Club location in West Palm Beach, FL, for a day of angling got more action than they bargained for. Read more »

Sea Tow News
February 2015

Talk About Being in the Right Place at the Right Time!

The 10 boaters in a 21-foot runabout off Pompano Beach, FL, on Christmas Eve were lucky that Capt. Will Williamson of Sea Tow Fort Lauderdale was on patrol nearby. Concerned when he saw the crowded boat, which had three adults, five children (some not wearing life jackets), and two infants aboard amid rough water conditions, Capt. Williamson started to follow it. His fears soon were realized when the boat capsized, spilling its occupants into the water. Capt. Williamson immediately made an emergency VHF call, then began pulling boaters out of the water. Thanks to his heroic efforts and a multi-agency response to his call, all of the boat’s occupants were rescued safely.

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Boat Show Ticket Discounts for Sea Tow Members

Do you know the answers to the following five questions?

  1. How long should you run the blower before turning on the engine on your boat?
  2. How many points of contact should you keep at all times while boating?
  3. When traveling in opposite directions on inland waters, how should you signal the other boat to tell them that you intend to pass on their port side?
  4. Regulatory and informational markers are easily identified through which features?
  5. What color light is displayed on a boat’s starboard side?

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Sea Tow Savings Club Spotlight: Save 5% with Built for Boating!

Featuring Name Brand Products at House Brand Prices™, BuiltforBoating.com is a huge online store offering everything you need to feed your passion for boating.

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Nine Ways to Make Your Kids Fall in Love with Boating

In honor of Valentine’s Day, check out these tips provided by our friends at DiscoverBoating.com to help boaters ignite the passion in their children!

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside: 9 Tips for Avoiding Hypothermia While Boating

Prolonged exposure to cold water and even cold air temperatures while boating can cause a dangerous drop in body temperature, resulting in hypothermia.

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Life Jacket Loaner Stand Stewards Honored with Golden Life Jacket Award

Sea Tow Foundation Executive Director Gail Kulp recently attended the U.S. Power Squadrons Annual Meeting in Jacksonville, Fla. During the meeting, Gail presented the Sea Tow Foundation’s Golden Life Jacket Award to the Thurmond Lake Sail & Power Squadrons for their work in hosting a Sea Tow Foundation Life Jacket Loaner Stand in McCormick, S.C. over the past year. William P. O’Neill accepted the award on behalf of his organization.

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